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There’s more in it

than meets the eye


Light Boxes

We offer high quality light boxes for your professional outdoor advertising!

Whether as a wall mounted light box, illuminated projecting signs or round or oval shaped light boxes, illuminated cubes or logos, we are flexible and produce any kind and quantity of illuminated sign advertising. Every light box and illuminated sign boards are manufactured in Krefeld (Germany) to the highest quality.

Light boxes also known as sign boxes or flag signs consist of a deep bottom made of an extruded special aluminum profile and an aluminum rear to support the internal illumination. The front ist made of acrylic glass.

Your individually manufactured light box will be hand-glued with a contour cut high-performance film to achieve a unique design. The durable films are not only specifically weather-resistant but also extremely colourfast.

Choose from various options the lightbox that perfectly suits your company or brand.

From installation to repair, should your illuminated advertising should fail once – Contact us by mail or phone – we are here for you!


  • Large Format Light Boxes
  • Ultra Slim Light Boxes
  • Lightbox with Flex Face Banners
  • Blade Signs
  • Sign Boxes
  • Flag Signs
  • Illuminated Projecting Signs
  • Illuminated Circular Light boxes
  • Oval Shaped Light Boxes
  • Round Shaped Light Boxes
  • Square Shaped Light Boxes
  • Angular Shaped Light Boxes

Keep it classy.

With its one-sided advertising surface, this classic type of light boxes is particularly suitable for wall mounting.

The substructure made of high-quality aluminum gives the lightbox its unmistakable look. The inserted 4 mm thick acrylic sheet is screwed to the substructure using aluminum angle profiles.

Why not stand out from the others?

As a further option, we produce light boxes with acrylic glass hood attached, their edges cleanly glued together and screwed on sideways.

The frameless look makes your advertising stand out plastically and creates a real eye-catcher.

Twice the advertising impact.

Light boxes with two-sided acrylic glass fronts are the perfect choice for wall mountings.

Especially in highly frequented streets double-sided light boxes are highly suitable. With double the advertising space you advertise your brand, your company or your product.

That makes sense!

Of course, a two-sided construction with attached acrylic glass covers can serve as an illuminated projecting sign.

Especially at night, light boxes achieve such impressive effects, because the shadow-free illumination showcases the design of this illuminated advertising at its best.

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