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Desire a little bit more?

Like backlit banner materials for exceptional image quality?


Flex Face Signage

You want it large and also elegant?
Then our backlit Flexface lightbox signs are just right for you!

Thanks to the new flex face system large advertising surfaces are now possible without joints on your prints. Moreover they are suitable for outdoors!

Illuminated Projecting Sign were always limited by the size, but this is now a problem of the past! Furthermore they are more durable than rigid plastics in high winds.

According to your ideas, we make your exterior facade an absolute eye-catcher.

We plan your advertising presence from the conception – up to the design considering the architectural circumstances and adapted to your corporate identity.

Give your facade a face and impress customers already from afar.


  • PVC Substrate Material
  • Perfect for large scale Signage and ease of Transportation
  • Completely Outdoor and Weather Resistant
  • Illuminated or Non- Illuminated
  • Easy to change print when replacement is requried
  • Different depth Profiles available
  • Customised Formats and Sizes
  • 100% Visibility assured for Brands
  • Real Eye-catcher

Large advertising systems without joints on your prints.

Retail parks have long been using Flex Face Signage for outdoor sign applications.

For the presentation of seasonal offers the flexible PVC banner substrate can be exchanged as often as desired. Due to high UV and weather resistance, this advertising system is particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Double-Density Flexface Skins

The front is made from a flexible translucent vinyl material, which is laminated with high-performance foils or printed on using the UV printing process.

The exterior finish of the aluminum frame can be customized in any RAL color.

The lighting - your added value.

In contrast to other large format advertising systems the installed LED modules allow to create bright, colourful, illuminated flexface signage.

In addition white painted insides of the aluminum frame intensify the luminosity.

+49 2151 565 70 10
Kleinewefersstraße 150 47803 Krefeld